Support the 1st solo, coast-to-coast ski crossing of Antarctica…  

11 – Now we start to listen…

Day 2 - Soft snow, warm temperatures and a constant incline...

That right there pretty much sums it up :)

We did 7 shifts of 50 minutes of skiing with a 10 minute break today. Each break, we get in some food and water and then get back to it.

I led for 3 of the 7 shifts. Christian, our guide and team leader led for another 3. And Arabella led for the final shift.

Being up front breaking trail in soft snow with an incline is definitely a bit of work :) 

Until we get up the glacier and on to the plateau, it will be a constant incline with much more soft snow. Not to mention, it's pretty warm out - relatively speaking of course :) but warm enough that you start to sweat, which is less than ideal out here.

This is just the nature of this particular route to the South Pole 

But it comes with great rewards as well... 

The views of the Transantarctic mountains are absolutely epic. 

We also got a glimpse of our route up the Axel Heiberg today. For all the challenges that lie in front of us on the climb, it is a real privilege to set foot on this stunning and sacred piece of land.

I had one particularly profound moment too...

While breaking trail on one of the shifts, I was repeating the mantra - I am not the mind, I am not the body.

After a few rounds, I then asked myself then who am I? 

Without thinking, the response that came out was "I am one." 

I then immediately went "woah... That's really cool" and laughed out loud to myself :)

I probably sound insane, but you have a lot of time to talk to yourself out here :)

That's part of the beauty...

Only when you shut off all the noise can you really start to hear.

In Antarctica, in the complete silence and vast emptiness, we are slowly beginning to listen...


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“Today’s sunrise was heavenly.”

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