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13 – Nothing in life is given to you…

Day 4 - Today was a bit of a hard one...

More steep climbing in soft snow today. We're 1 day away from the very base of the glacier, where it's going to get much steeper and we'll switch to full skins on our skis.

It wasn't just the steep climbing that made today tough. We were playing around with figuring out a system of moving weight around from the lead sled. That way whoever was breaking trail would have it a bit easier. That took some messing around and discussion on how to go about doing it the best way.

My sled became the lead sled, because thanks to my friend Eric Phillips at Icetrek who made it, it moved the best in the snow.

So I became the person moving from sled to sled as the lead person alternated with mine. The system makes sense, but it just broke my flow today and I lost my concentration. That's on me and my mind. I'll get back in it tomorrow.

I also got the start of a blister at the end of the day, which is never fun. But I took the necessary precautions in my tent to tape it up and I should be good now.

My freeze dried dinner was also the worst one yet. I couldn't finish it and am eating pringles, salami and chocolates for dinner instead - can't complain about that :) 

This is just the nature of the game. Some days are harder than others, and today was just one of those days. I have no complaints about it at all. I know this is all a part of the adventure... 

It's one of the reasons I love it, even when it's tough. You get to taste the entire spectrum of the human experience - good, bad, high, low. And when you're not having the best day, you get to practice smiling anyway. That's beautiful training.

I remembered that and despite having a hard final shift today, I kept making myself smile and with each step forward on my skis, I repeated the mantra... 

Nothing. In. Life. Is. Given. To. You. You. Have. To. Earn. It.

Whatever happens, this too shall pass and tomorrow the sun will still be shining bright :) 


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Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences
and find the positive side of our lives. ~ The Dalai Lama