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19 – More bad weather

Day 10 - More bad weather keeping us trapped in our tent...

I didn't sleep too well last night, because believe it or not, but I was actually too hot. It sounds crazy that it can be too hot in Antarctica, but when the sun hits the tent a certain way, it holds in that heat a bit too well. Even with the tent door open, I was still burning up. Until, as expected, it finally got really cold again and I crawled my ass back into my sleeping bag :)

We woke up to more clouds, so once again we couldn't move up the glacier with no visibility. I took a nap to catch up on some sleep. When I woke up, the weather looked like it was starting to clear again.

I was so excited. I got on my gear, started to get in my mental "cage," told myself let's go and was smiling, all charged up to take on that next hill. We got out and the clouds came in again and the move up the glacier was called off. I thought of that scene from Braveheart and told myself in a Scottish accent, "well, I guess you got all dressed up for nothing" :)

Now we're back in our tents standing by to stand by, as we used to say in the Marines. So I thought I would share a few more pictures with y'all and a bit about what's coming next.

The one pic with a snow cloud is a massive avalanche we saw in front of our camp. It was bad ass :) 

In the picture with my crude drawing, you can see our route. The first steep section behind my friend Darius is the one we climbed yesterday. You can't really see it too well in that picture, but above that first steep section, it drops a bit. That red X is approximately where we are camped. In front of us is another climb up to "The Triangle" and then "The Valley of Silence."

We're embracing the stunning scenery on the glacier because once we get onto the polar plateau in a few days, it's going to be all empty white nothingness day after day after day until the South Pole.

Each part of the journey will present its own challenges and reveal its own insights.

For now, as much as we want to keep moving, we're being with what is and smiling through whatever Antarctica gives us. When you can't control your environment, you can still always control your attitude in response to it.

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“Today’s sunrise was heavenly.”

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