Antarctica Update 2

We finished packing all our food today. A good amount of preparation goes into these expeditions

It took 2.5 days just to get the food prep done. We had to cut the chocolate, dried fruit, butter, cheese and protein bars into bite sized chunks so they won't freeze solid and we can still eat them. Then we had to organize everything so it's easy to find in our sled. You do not want to be digging around in there when conditions get bad 

We've packed 38 days worth of food. 18 days worth will go up the glacier with us. The remaining 20 will be placed in a gear cache for us to pick up once we get on to the polar plateau

In a way it's 2 separate trips...

The 1st part up the glacier will be a steep climb in soft snow, but more than likely not much wind and nice weather

The 2nd part will be relatively flat, but it will be a monotonous grind through empty white
nothingness every day in much colder and windier conditions

Each part of the journey will be challenging and beautiful in its own way

In another day or two we'll be all ready to fly. But we were told we're not going to be able to fly out for at least another 3-4 days

The problem is since are flying to such a remote part of Antarctica, we need good weather conditions in 5 different spots in order for the plane to fly:

1. Union Glacier (where I'm at now) 
2. 1st fueling stop
3. 2nd fueling stop
4. Drop off point
5. Gear cache drop off

We need a lot of stars to align for us to be able to make the 8-10 hour journey out to the Ross Ice Shelf. All part of the adventure though :)

In the meantime, I'm sitting here with the wind hitting my tent smiling and enjoying the ride. One day at a time... 

(Team Fearvana)


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