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20 – The most legendary of battles

Day 11 - A strange and amazing thing happened today...

The day began with a long and steep climb up the toughest hill yet.

Then the last part of the day was another tough hill before camp. Right before the 2nd carry up the hill, I was feeling okay. We had been going for 9 hours, so I wasn't charged up, but I wasn't dying either. That previous shift certainly wasn't my best one mentally. I just coasted along waiting for camp. I wasn't looking forward to the upcoming hill, but I knew it had to be done.

Then I noticed 1 of my teammates was really struggling, as we all do from time to time. So I offered to take a significant amount of weight from this person.

Strangely, in that moment, instead of now being more nervous about the hill, I lit up. I not only felt good about helping out a teammate, but knowing the hill would be much tougher fired me up. I banged my ski poles together, awakened the beast and charged onward.

The last time I got in "the cage" was a warmup compared to this. This time I wasn't talking in my head, I was talking out loud on every switchback as I fought that heavy sled up each turn. It didn't matter who was around me, I was in my world. I was unstoppable on that hill. My teammates must have thought I was insane :) 

One even said, you're out of your mind, but I'm glad you're on my team :)

When I got to camp, I was genuinely disappointed. I wanted to keep going. I was still so wired while setting up the tent that I had to tell myself calm down, tame the beast now :)

This fight was my favorite one yet. 

It was legendary

Here's the point of all of this...

I can imagine as you read this, you are facing some challenge in your life. Whatever it is, don't pray for it to be easier.

I'm not saying seek out unnecessary suffering, but if you have a big hill in front of you anyway, attack it head on with a big smile on your face. Make it tougher and let that challenge fuel your spirit. The harder the fight, the greater your transformation and evolution.

When you get to the top of that hill, you will be reborn into someone the old you would never recognize.

Life will throw many hills in front of you. Embrace all of them. Use them as an opportunity to forge yourself into the warrior I know you are!

Much love, my friends.

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Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences
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