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21 – We are all superheroes

Day 12 - Our final night on the glacier...

Today was a normal, uneventful day. We made good progress with a few minor climbs. Nothing too intense. I got to break trail again on the final bit of soft snow, which was a fun challenge. Now we're finally on hard snow at 2160m. Tomorrow we will be climbing our final hill to 2700m and on to the polar plateau. 

While breaking trail, I got thinking about my moment in "the cage" yesterday and the post I shared about it...

I'm in Antarctica far removed from the rest of reality right now. I have no clue what's going on back in the "real world." World War 3 could break out and I'd be blissfully unaware. While I'm out here playing in the snow, I can imagine that many of you reading this might be going through some real world problems right now.

For example, my good friend and brother back home told me about a business challenge he's going through. It's not going as smoothly as he would like, but this man is a warrior. He wrote to me saying "I'm on my way up the hill yelling come at me motherfuckers."

He isn't shying away from the challenge, he's smiling in the face of it. I know he's going to come out on top because that's who he is. That inspires the hell out of me.

He is here with me in spirit and I am there with him. We make each other better.

The point is...

I think about y'all often. All the messages and comments I read before I left, they are with me. You are with me here in spirit and whatever hill you are climbing right now, know that I am with you as well.

The reason I am posting daily updates of the journey, even on some days, like yesterday, when I was pretty tired, is because I hope something I share makes a difference in your day. Antarctica is teaching me a lot and those lessons are not just mine to learn.

While I fight my battles, I want you to know I am with you as you fight yours. We are all climbing our own hills right now. We are stronger when we make the journey together, even if only in spirit

One of my friends told me his kids think I'm a superhero. While I'm very honored, I genuinely believe we are all superheroes

Keep fighting and suffer well my friends.

Onward we go to the next hill tomorrow...

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Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences
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