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25 – I am the storm

Day 16 - The storm continues...

We woke up this morning to the wind continuing to hammer our tent. The temperatures dropped and the wind got even stronger. It was too dangerous for us to move, so now we're tent bound for another day.

Eventually, when I'm alone out here, I'll have to move in these conditions. Of course that presents its own set of extra challenges, but in a way being solo makes it easier because you only have to look out for yourself. Whatever happens, it's all on you...

If you want to keep moving, it's on you. If you start moving and decide to stop, great, it's your call. Only you have to deal with the consequences and outcome of each decision. There's a simplicity and ease to that.

In a team, there's a lot more moving parts. As team leader, Christian has to look out for everyones safety. That is no easy task in these environments. He has been 100% on point and made the right call for us not to move today.

As you might imagine, it is pretty gnarly and very intense being outside in these conditions. The wind is relentless, all powerful, ruthless, and absolutely awe inspiring.

I was reminded of my training in Vermont where I would go out in storms for runs and cold river dips to practice being "the eye of the storm." 

Antarctic storms are definitely a bit more intense than than the ones in Vermont, to say the least :) But the principles still apply...

Whenever a storm rages outside, it's on us to hold on to stillness within.

These conditions can easily induce a kind of panic. But panic never helps anything.

Instead, maintain calm.

First, be the eye of the storm. Then become the entirety of the storm.

Remember, my friends...

When fate whispered to the warrior, "a storm is coming." 

The warrior whispered right back... 

"I am the storm" 

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Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences
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