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27 – I owe a debt of gratitude

I would not have been able to keep my fingers if it wasn’t for all of these people…

As soon as I got frostbite 2 days ago, my team immediately pitched in to help in every way…

They all rushed to set up my tent so I could get in and get warm. My tentmate Darius helped me pull of my boots, manned the stove and helped me in the tent when I became an invalid who couldn’t operate his fingers 🙂

Christian helped bandage me up repeatedly, worked through all the logistics to set up the medevac and constantly looked out for me.

Arabella helped set up and take down tents when I couldn’t.

Whenever the frostbite occurred, my number 1 concern was I don’t want to be a burden to the team and fuck something up for them. I cannot stand being that guy in a team. It eats at my soul.

I also HATE sitting around doing nothing while others are working. One thing I learned from the Marines is “always be looking for work.” That’s why whenever I’m in a team setting, until everyone is done with whatever needs to be done, I’ll go looking for work. In the Marines, if you’re standing around doing nothing, you’re fucking wrong. That attitude has stuck with me ever since.

So this was very humbling. It made me feel so shitty…

But they kept reassuring me that I wasn’t a burden. I kept apologizing to them and thanking them, and they kept telling me it’s okay and it’s no trouble at all. They looked out for me with a smile.

I was so touched by their kindness and compassion.

The two pilots and medic who came and got me flew 6 hours each way for me. They had to land in very intense and windy conditions too, but they were happy to do it. I have no idea how they made that landing.

The entire team at Union Glacier helped set this all up. The doctors and everyone here have been looking out for me in every way since I got here.

I feel immense gratitude to be surrounded by such amazing human beings. These men and women who all looked out for me in the last couple of days are a testament to the human spirit at its finest.

I’m forever grateful to all of them and to have been a recipient of their compassion.

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Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences
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