28 – The worst part about being evacuated early

The worst part about getting frostbite and being evacuated early... 

As you can see, my fingers don't look great. Not exactly how they're supposed to look, especially 2 of them.

The right middle finger, which has that red line running across the tip will recover much faster. The other 2, which are blueish black will take a lot more time.

The docs drained the blisters on the 2 swollen fingers today, so at least it's a bit easier to get into my mittens now. That's been helpful since I have to wear these mittens everywhere.

It's been challenging and humbling readjusting to life being unable to use these 3 fingers. I can't put any pressure on them at all or they will get worst. So everything is taking a bit more time to do than it usually would.

Yesterday I took my first hot shower in about 3 weeks. I had 2 plastic bags on my hands to keep my fingers dry, but the hot water felt AMAZING! 

Here's the worst part about getting frostbite and getting evacuated early that I noticed when I took a shower yesterday... 

I'm still fucking fat :) 

I was supposed to have 18 - 20 more days out there working hard and losing weight, but since I got out early, I still have some of my damn polar fat on me :) 

Now I'm not only fat, but I'm an incapacitated, bumbling fool that can't use my fingers, so I can't lift weights when I'm back either :) 


I'm kinda fat with pretty gnarly looking frostbitten fingers, but spirits are still and always will be high.

Always keep that sense of humor my friends. Three frostbitten fingers are no match for the limitless capacity of the human spirit which lives inside us all.

I'm still at Union Glacier and not sure when the next flight out will be. In the meantime, much love to all of you from Antarctica and keep smiling - life is good :) 


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