31 – Why do we fall?

We're still waiting at Union Glacier for good weather for a flight out of Antarctica. One lady who works here said in her 10 years, she's never seen such consistently bad weather.

I don't know if that translates to the same conditions we experienced out on the glacier or not, but I sure hope my team is getting better weather and they can keep moving. We had our fair share of bad weather days when I was with them.

As I wait, I've been continuing to get daily cleanings and dressing changes on my fingers.

The good news is the wind burns on my face are almost healed, as is my frostnipped nose. So at least I won't go back home looking like as much of a disaster :)

It also looks like 1 of my fingers is getting a bit better. The one that was least frostbitten is more red, which means blood is flowing into it again. I think there's a bit more red on the lower portion of the back of the other 2 as well. That's encouraging.

While recovering and waiting, I've been reading polar books, chatting with other explorers here and had a logistics talk with a member of the ALE team. All to start working towards the big expedition everything I am doing now is leading up to...

And holy shit!

There is a reason this thing has never been done before. A man dubbed "the world's greatest living explorer" called this expedition "probably impossible."

For starters, this is physically, mentally and spiritually demanding at a level that borders on the absurd, much more so than even I could have imagined. In addition to that, it is an extremely daunting logistical challenge as well.

I have no idea yet how I'm going to do this, but the wheels are turning in my mind. One step at a time, I will find a way...

When I told a friend I'm planning out the details of this next big trip while I'm here, he said "that was fast."

I began planning the day I got evacuated.

Like it was said in one of my favorite movie series of all time, the Dark Knight movies...

"Why do we fall Bruce?" 

"So we can learn how to get back up." 


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1 thought on “31 – Why do we fall?”

  1. Dear Akshay
    All of us face setbacks in life, but not all of us can meet them cheerfully and with a positive attitude, as you are.
    I hope you recover your health soon.


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