Expedition Greenland

A one month, 350-mile ski crossing of the world’s second largest icecap

Expedition Greenland

In 2010, I completed my Masters degree in journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. At the time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

I only knew that I missed the simplicity of life at war. I craved a return to it. I also felt like I hadn’t suffered enough out there. I didn’t get shot. I didn’t lose a limb. In my mind, I hadn’t earned my place on this planet. 

Life at peace left me unfulfilled and empty.

But the war ended and my time in the Marines was over. Now I needed a new path…

I didn’t have any clarity on who I wanted to become, but I had to pay the bills. So I found my way into a corporate job. Knowing that I would be miserable, on the day I signed up for that job, I also signed up for a one month polar expedition.

I gave myself a year and a half to quit and figure out what to do next. Greenland would not only be my ticket to freedom, it would grant me the peaceful serenity of returning to a warlike environment.

While I wasn’t fully aware of this at the time, I know now that I went into the frozen wilderness as a means to escape my demons. Ever since coming back from Iraq, something was missing inside of me. I needed to be back in a world where I walked on the edge of life and death. That made me whole again. At least for those few brief moments…

For 28 days, with a team of 5 other men, we dragged a 190-pound sled 350 miles across the world’s second-largest icecap. During the expedition, brutal storms kept us trapped inside our tent for a total of 5 days. Laying in my sleeping bag, I would hear the wind battering the tent with a humbling ferocity. It sounded like the inside of a washing machine. The storms were so intense, the following year a British explorer was killed in one of them.

Thankfully, we survived Mother Nature’s wrath. Fighting through the bitter conditions, we charged onward, day after monotonous day.

In the end, I lost 20 pounds, got mild frostbite on my fingertips and burned the tip of my nose. After 28 days on the ice, I completed the journey and arrived in Isortok, a tiny hunting village on the East Coast of Greenland.

Upon returning home to civilization, without the freedom of external structures imposed upon me, I slowly descended into a deep, dark abyss. Eventually, when I clawed my way out from the shadows and found my way back into the light, I remembered Greenland. I then saw it through new eyes. 

It left its mark on me…

Greenland birthed my love for polar exploration. A love that burns bright today, as I continue pursuing this passion on the farthest reaches of the globe.

Expedition Journey

This is the map of the route we took from Kangerlussuaq, on the West Coast of Greenland to Isertoq, a tiny hunting village on the East

Greenland Journal

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