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Next Expedition
10 days in darkness

In May of this year, as a part of my spiritual evolution and as training for a never before accomplished feat of endurance, I will spend 10 full days in complete darkness, silence and isolation.

Skiing to the
South Pole

Following in Roald Amundsen’s footsteps skiing up the remote, challenging and highly crevassed Axel Heiberg glacier to the South Pole



Exploring the limitlessness of the mind, body and spirit



An ascent of the tallest mountain in North America

Serving in Iraq

My 7 months in war as a non-commissioned officer with the US Marines



My first foray above 20,000 feet in the majestic Himalayas

Climbing Kilimanjaro

A journey to the roof of Africa on the first of the 7 summits



A one month, 350-mile ski crossing of the world’s second largest icecap

Polar Training

Mini polar expeditions above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway



Confronting my fear of stillness through 7 days in darkness, silence and isolation

Running accross Liberia

A 167 mile run across post-war Liberia to help build a school, film a documentary and conduct humanitarian work all over the country

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