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As you all know by now, I just announced my latest project – to cross every country in the world on foot. It is an ambitious and seemingly impossible mission.

Which is why I am very excited to bring on today’s guest – Nicola Grace, the mission mentor. She helps people like you and me accomplish and monetize our missions, no matter how impossible they may appear.

If you are trying to figure out what is your mission on this planet or if you know your mission already and want to know how to monetize it, then be sure to check out the free training Nicola is offering here and don’t miss today’s interview with Nicola Grace:


After watching this interview, leave a comment in the space below telling us your mission and what, if anything, is in the way of you living that mission so we can help.

If you know someone who is still trying to figure out their place on this planet, email them a link to this interview so that they too can benefit from Nicola’s wisdom.

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Interview Breakdown

[2:07] – What is a mission mentor?

[3:42] – What is your mission mojo? What are you on this planet to do?

[5:13] – How to find out what you are here to do and how to express that mission

[7:38] – How to monetize your passion

[9:54] – How to manage the obstacles that will inevitably show up in your journey

[12:53] – How to reconnect with the self that is sometimes lost in a world of information overload (This part has an awesome technique that simplifies meditation in a way I had never heard before)

[16:15] – How to find your niche

[20:02] – How Nicola saved an industry from ruin and how you can replicate those kinds of results in your own life

[22:46] – What you will learn on the free training you don’t want to miss out on

[23:52] – How Nicola recovered from cancer, not once, but twice!

[27:10] – The power we all have to heal ourselves and accomplish anything

[28:18] – The two actions to take right after you watch this interview

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The Mission Mojo Webinar – Check out this free training that expands upon what we talked about in this interview and shares the 3 biggest mistakes people make when trying to monetize their mission. I will be on the webinar as well, so I look forward to seeing you there!

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