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How to survive the most dangerous sport in the world with Jill Heinerth

Welcome back to “Our Journey Into the Human Experience.”

If you are looking to push through fear, achieve the impossible and change the world, then this is the show for you!

The distinction between simply existing and really living lies in the act of filling every day of your life with passion and purpose. The act of doing what you were meant to do on this planet despite the fears and doubts that come in the way of your success. The best part is when you do that, you usually find yourself inspiring others to live their greatness through your example.

Our guest today, Jill Heinerth from Into the Planet has mastered the art of fear and is now living her passion exploring one of the most hostile environments on the planet, underwater caves.

Cave diving is often considered the most dangerous sport in the world. There is no room for error and any mistake could cost you your life. There are only a small group of people that actively participate in the sport. Jill is not only just one of the few elite cave divers in the world, she is a legend in the sport.

She holds the record for the deepest dive by a woman, the longest time spent in a cave by a woman (over 20 hours!) and is the first person in the world to have dived into an iceberg cave.

Even if you have no desire to scuba dive into underwater caves, you will still learn a lot from this interview with Jill. Considering that it is the most dangerous sport in the world, it takes an immense out of courage and mastery over fear to engage in it. No matter what you want to do in your life, it takes courage to push through the obstacles that inevitably come in the way. Furthermore, it is a rare few people who have found a way to make money and live every day doing what they love.

So if you want to find a way to live your passion and go beyond your perceived limits, then check out today’s interview with Jill Heinerth:

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Interview Breakdown

[2:55] – How Jill went from advertising to cave diving

[3:39] – How to make money as an explorer

[5:10] – The dangers of cave diving

[6:14] – Near death experience while diving into an iceberg cave!

[8:00] – The importance of fear to achieve the impossible

[9:43] – How to push through fear

[12:30] – Is the risk worth it?

[13:30] – We are water

[14:40] – How to create a happy marriage while risking your life

[16:16] – Gaining perspective on our place on the planet

[17:40] – Jill’s next adventures!

[18:50] – The necessity of fear

[21:30] – The meaning Jill brings to her life

[22:40] – How to get started with cave diving

[23:38] – How to create success in your life

Must visit sites from this episode

Into the Planet – Check out Jill’s site to learn more about the amazing things she is doing with her life and don’t miss out on the opportunity to scroll through the pictures on her site. They are some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen in my life!

We Are Water – Jill’s documentary exploring our connection to the planet and the source of all life on it. The DVD had amazing footage of Jill’s expeditions around the world, so I highly recommend you check it out.

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16 thoughts on “How to survive the most dangerous sport in the world with Jill Heinerth”

    • I know what you mean Angie, they were 2 very strong fears of mine as well. So I finally decided to experience them and went cave diving a few weeks ago, it was terrifying and amazing at the same time!

    • Thanks Nathalie. Glad you enjoyed it! I totally agree, fear is the foundation from which change is possible, so we all could use support in engaging it!

  1. The edge Jill lives on is wonderful, and it shouldn’t stop any of us from finding ours and exploring it. One thing I know is that our edges are constantly evolving and waiting for us to peer beyond.

    • Totally agree with you Arthur. I love the way you phrased it. We all have our own limits, it doesn’t have to be cave diving, but whatever it is, real living begins when we start to push them!

  2. “Failure is something to be embraced.” Those are powerful words! Those of us living in the bubble of perfectionism can learn a lot from this interview too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Wow, that’s amazing – going really high up or really high down is one of my biggest fears. I love it when anyone finds their passion and lives life to the max!

    • I know what you mean Tora. I am terrified of both as well. I wish you all the best in exploring those fears and pushing through them, the more I did, the more I noticed I grew in confidence in all areas of my life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tora!


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