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Million dollar secrets of success from bestselling author Jack Canfield

Welcome back to “Our Journey Into the Human Experience.”

If you are looking to push through fear, achieve the impossible and change the world, then this is the show for you!

Our guest today is one who needs no introduction. Jack Canfield, is the bestselling co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and the Success Principles. Time Magazine called Jack’s Chicken Soup for the Soul series the “Publishing phenomenon of the decade.” It has sold over 112 million copies and is the best-selling trade paperback series in the history of publishing.

Jack is one of the most recognized names in the personal development industry today. He travels the world sharing his message and changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe.

This interview is packed with million dollar advice from one of the greatest masters in the art of success and peak performance. I highly recommend you watch every minute of it. People pay Jack thousands of dollars for the information he shares here, so don’t miss this one. It is with great pleasure that I present to you today’s episode of “Our Journey into the Human Experience,” with the legend himself, Jack Canfield:

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Interview Breakdown

[2:00] – How Jack Canfield went from being a high school teacher in an inner city school to a multimillion dollar entrepreneur and bestselling author. (This is an amazing story!)

[6:30] – How to develop the mindset for unlimited success!

[9:24] – Jack’s definition of success

[9:45] – Here is why most people don’t get what they want in life and what you can do differently to be in the minority of people who do! (These tips are pure gold!)

[15:15] – How do you eliminate fear? (If you know anything about this site, you know this is a trick question!)

[17:01] – The first thing to do when you find yourself afraid and other strategies to manage fear

[21:00] – The path to wisdom

[21:25] – Even Jack Canfield feels fear. Here’s what he does to manage it

[24:08] – How to unleash your infinite potential

[27:25] – The one thing Jack would have done differently if he could go back in time.

[30:30] – Other valuable skills Jack would have learned earlier in his career

[31:28] – The next step to take right after watching this video

Must visit sites from this episode

Jack Canfield – Check out Jack’s site for access to his free trainings, his bestselling books, his transformational events, his revolutionary personal development products and the large collection of free resources he offers to help you succeed! I have done a lot of work with Jack and highly recommend everything he offers. Not only is Jack a master at the art of success, he is just a great human being who is genuinely committed to making a difference for others.

Breakthrough to Success – This is Jack’s flagship training program that is being held this August. I have been to this event last year and I highly recommend it to anyone committed to personal growth. It will help you produce the results you want in all areas of your life.

The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
– In my opinion, this is the best book on personal development and manifesting success. This really is a collection of every other personal development book you have read combined into one. Everything you need to succeed can be found in this book. I read a book a week and I recommend this book to anyone that asks, so it is really that good!

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