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Why we get mental health wrong – laying the foundation

“I consider it a dangerous misconception of mental hygiene to assume that what man needs in the first place is equilibrium or, as it is called in biology “homeostasis”, i.e., a tensionless state. What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal, a freely chosen task.”

– Victor Frankl 

After overcoming a lifestyle of drug addiction that killed 2 of my friends, PTSD, depression and alcoholism, I went to multiple therapists to find a way out of the darkness. But nothing seemed to work…

I then began delving deeper and deper into alcohol until I reached the brink of suicide. At that point I knew something needed to change. I then took it upon myself to heal my mind, my brain and my spirit. 

Years of research in neuroscience, psychology and spirituality led me to the concept of Fearvana. I became awakened to the realization that fear, stress, anxiety, and suffering in any form can be an access point to bliss, and even enlightenment.

 Through this process of healing, I discovered that generally speaking, our approach to mental health is extremely flawed.

Having gone through to it myself and having lost friends to addiction, suicide, and PTSD, I decided to start this series on why we get mental health wrong and what to do instead. It is now my responsibility to share everything I have learned with as many people as possible to help our human family build a positive relationship with their demons in order to live a fulfilled, happy and mentally healthy life.

The video below lays the foundation for what I believe is the fundamental flaw in how we approach mental health. 

It is best summarized by this idea:

Inner peace is not the absense of chaos or conflict, it is the accepance of it.

After A LOT of work, I have now learned to find peace in the midst of chaos, internally and externally. In fact, I now seek out chaos to train myself to engage stillness, even in the harshest of conditions, whether it be running through a snow storm or consciously choosing to battle my internal demons. 

I hope this will be of value to you and that it helps you find some inner peace as well, regardless of the chaos you might be facing in your world…

If you have any questions for me about this video or mental health in general, please feel free to post them in the comments below or contact me personally on my contact page.

It is my duty to clarify that I am not a therapist or a doctor. I have studied the subject of mental health for years on my own and I have been blessed to have engaged my demons in various forms. I am only sharing what I have learned from my research and my life experience with the hopes that it will be of value for others who are struggling with their own mental health issues.

If you feel compelled to see a therapist or anyone else, please do so. I know how tough it can be to find yourself in the deepest and darkest corners of your soul. I also know that climbing out of the abyss is far from easy. So please get the help you need and if you feel compelled to reach out to me, I will always be here as a resource as well.

Sending you lots of love on this grand and beautiful adventure of life…


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10 thoughts on “Why we get mental health wrong – laying the foundation”

  1. Hi

    I was quite impressed by your video.

    I have just quit my job at the wow young age of 57…. and have decided to it my way from now on.

    I am heads back to India mid October and would like to connect.

    I have come out of a “flat-line” experience in 2015 and returned to work for the next 3 years.

    There are many areas that I want to discuss with you.

    • Thank you Punyabrata, glad to hear you enjoyed the video.

      Congratulations on taking this next big step in your life.

      My schedule in India is quite packed, but reach out to me via my contact form and we’ll see what we can do.

  2. How we need to approach mental wellbeing, it might change the way of thinking about the world on a larger scale- definitely a need. Maybe as we need some kind of struggle we might learn to not “choose” destruction as something we can change later when we are ready. I don´t know, the mindset where I find it closest in me has been I think working out, something to do for a while and not to do it anymore, something like that. On the other side I think if we can change the mindset in the way you speak about it, it might as well change the way we approach each other too. Embrace the adversity… I don´t have any questions for now, but I´m looking forward to see what you will be doing and I think it is a great way of thinking about it.

    • Thanks Thea, glad to hear your resonated with this. And your point is so valid. Once we seek out our inner struggle, it will help us collectively prevent that external conflict. Love that you brought this point up 🙂

  3. Hey Akshay. Good to hear from you again. I really appreciate your book and the techniques and they have helped alot. I find that if I run into a kink in trying to achieve fearvana with some things it is very hard to get back into the exercise. Your video gives me the little kick in the but I need.

    • Hey Eric. I’m so happy to hear the book has been helpful to you and that this video gives you that extra push you need. Keep at it my friend and embrace the struggle 🙂

  4. Hi I am new to this concept. And just want to know how do you find peace in the midst of a mind filled with chaos? I was for the first time hospitalized, threatened by my psychiatrist that he would call the cops to my job and have them escort me to the Emergency room if I didn’t go voluntarily. I work in a small community hospital and did not want to be hospitalized there. After several minutes of talking to him through a receptionist, we found a psychiatric hospital for me. This was last year, I had 3 suicide attempts in 1 month. I was traumatized by my experience in the psychiatric ward. They had a chapel, but you could not go pray. They had beautiful grounds, but you could not go out. The worst part was I was strip searched and wanded by a man. I felt like I was in prison. I was only supposed to be there 3 days they made me stay 7. As soon as I got out and saw my psychiatrist, I fired him. And sought healthcare through an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner. I have several mental health diagnoses. PTSD is only one. Sorry for the long post. Still seeking peace in the midst of my ups and downs.

    • Hi Elana. I am so so sorry for everything you have been through, I can’t even imagine how horrific that must have been. I am so glad you are out now though and you have found an advanced practice nurse practitioner to support you on your journey. The fact that you are still fighting and seeking peace in the midst of all the chaos you have faced, externally and internally is no small feat. I really admire you and want to acknowledge you for your strength and courage. Your warrior spirit is amazing. This video might be a good place for you to start navigating the arduous and beautiful journey of being with your pain and finding peace in the midst of chaos:
      I hope this helps. Sending you lots of love Elana.

  5. Hello Akshay, I really agree with what you are saying. I have suffered with social anxiety and depression since 11 years old. I started helping myself at age 18 by going to self help groups and reading self help books, etc. But still struggle between what I want and what I think I can do. I’ve been running away from what I’m afraid of in my mind. Thank you for sharing this concept of making friends with the conflict within and that life isn’t supposed to be static but to find peace in the chaos. This makes sense because if you look at nature there is all kinds of weather and seasons. There are storms, and calm winds. There is summer and winter etc. And the in betweens. Why have humans ever thought we should only have one season or we should feel or behave only this way or that way? This makes me so mad and sad at the same time. I really admire people when they are comfortable with all parts of themselves, the light and the shadows. I aspire to that model. Thank you for sharing your insight into mental health. I look forward to your videos 😊

    • I’m so glad to hear this was helpful. I love your comparison to nature, beautiful and very true. We can absolutely find peace within the light and the darkness. Sending you lots of love Sarah…


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Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences
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Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences
and find the positive side of our lives. ~ The Dalai Lama